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National Financial Advancement Of Colored Persons


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Programs List

Click Below you will find current and future programs that we have and/or look to implement. 

This Program will be designed to ensure that we only spend our money in companies and with businesses that will donate funds to it's community. 

We will BOYCOTT those who won't!

This program is designed to ensure that every member of NFACP has quality healthcare at their disposal and it's funded through the community programs.

We understand that there are times when assistance is needed but we want to remove our members from those government welfare programs. We will be using  community paid funding vehicles to accomplish this. 

The We Build America Program will work in conjunction with the NFACP Home Owners Program. We will Employ Contractors and Developers that will work with us to build housing and properties we want to see in our communities.

We will create job opportunities and will look to employ members who find themselves unemployed or under employed.

Business to Community Outreach Program

This is our Flagship Program because we feel all the monies needed to fund these programs already exists. We will require that companies in and around our community contribute a portion of their profits back to us to be used to create and maintain these programs.

This program will identify individuals who are desiring to own and run their own businesses. We will provide funding and guidance to ensure their success.

With this program we will educate members on the need for life Insurance and Provide members who need Privately funded Health Insurance.

Immigration Reform

This program will lobby lawmakers about Immigration Reform and all other issues that effect Communities of Color.

This will help all members understand and navigate the tax laws of the United States.

This is one of our most important programs. We will educate and assist members to establish and or repair their credit in order to secure affordable housing and become home owners for life.

This program is to ensure that our youth have an opportunity to attend the college of their choosing. We assist not with just tuition but with food housing and other daily expenses.