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National Financial Advancement Of Colored Persons


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June 3, 1904 – April 1, 1950 – Charles Richard Drew

“After receiving first aid treatment in practice raid in Washington, DC, air-raid `victim’ is removed to hospital by a Medical Corps of the Office of Civilian Defense.” The physician is Dr. Charles Drew. Circa 1941 – 1945

April 9, 1939 – Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson greeting members of the audience at the ceremony held in the auditorium of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

This Month in History

April 1, 1950 | The Passing of Charles Richard Drew

Dr. Charles R. Drew was born on June 3, 1904 in Washington, DC. Drew was a famous physician, surgeon and medical researcher who excelled in the area of blood, and blood transfusions. Dr. Drew is also credited in improving methods of blood storage which aided in creating massive scale blood banks during World War II. This led to saving the lives of thousands of American Soldiers. Dr. Drew, helped to create The American Red Cross Blood Bank. Dr. Charles Drew died on April 1, 1950 at Alamance General Hospital in Burlington, North Carolina after being involved in an automobile accident while travelling through the area.

This Month in History

April 9, 1939 |Marian Anderson is Prevented from singing at Constitution Hall

Marian Anderson opened the doors for many African American artists against racial discrimination by singing at the Lincoln Memorial On April 9, 1939 when she was prevented from singing to an integrated audience at Constitution Hall. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped with Anderson being able to sing instead at the Lincoln Memorial in front of over 75,000 people and with millions more listening on the radio.

Marian Anderson gave her date of birth throughout her life as February 17, 1902. Following her death it was reported that her actual birth may have been February 27, 1897. Although there may be some confusion on her actual date of birth, her status as one of the most gifted and talented contraltos of our times is without debate. Her beautiful and appealing voice commanded the attention of audiences in concert halls around the world for decades. Anderson died on April 8, 1993 in Portland, Oregon