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National Financial Advancement Of Colored Persons


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No Cost Benefits Checkup

First Thank You  for your service to your country, and secondly we would like to server you in return by ensuring that the benefits you need and deserve and provided to you! Most solders assume that if they were discharged without injury that they don't or would not be qualified for benefits. Please understand that not all injuries can be readily seen yet still exist!

Take the time to inform yourself but then click on the checkup button and get started on seeing if qualified for benefits that could change your life not just today but well into your future!

Status Check

Am I eligible for VA disability compensation?

You may be eligible for VA disability benefits or compensation if you meet both of these requirements.

Both of these must be true:

You have a current illness or injury (known as a condition) that affects your mind or body, and

You served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training

And at least one of these must be true:

You got sick or injured while serving in the military—and can link this condition to your illness or injury (called an in-service disability claim), or

You had an illness or injury before you joined the military—and serving made it worse (called a preservice disability claim), or

You have a disability related to your active-duty service that didn’t appear until after you ended your service (called a post-service disability claim)

Presumed disabilities

A chronic (long-lasting) illness that appears within one year after discharge, or

An illness caused by contact with contaminants (toxic chemicals) or other hazardous materials, or

An illness caused by your time spent as a prisoner of war (POW)

Who’s covered?


Qualified dependents

Status Check

What should I do if I received an other than honorable, bad conduct, or dishonorable discharge?

If you’ve received one of these discharge statuses, you may not be eligible for VA disability benefits.

There are 2 ways you can try to qualify:

Find out how to apply for a discharge upgrade

Learn about the VA Character of Discharge review process