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Check Out How Inexpensive It Is To Have a Car & Driver Just For You! 

Below are the simple steps to having your own Car & Driver available to Only you as a Timeshare or during your Vacation Stay!

Step 1

Select your car class and type!

Step 2

Choose an Available Driver!

Step 3

Be at your designated pickup location and Enjoy your Ride!


1) Choice of Vehicle!

2) Dedicated Driver!

3) No Stress of Traffic or Parking!

4) No Need For a Designated Driver!

Click One Of Three Car Classes Below

Coming Soon

Exotic Luxury

Coming Soon

Premium Class

Car Shuttle


Car Share Class

What our Customers/Drivers are saying

WaRides is the new gold-standard for respect for the working class in product and customer service for the hard workers who would solicit our services...

David E - WaRides Driver

I always loved the idea of having a limo but never really liked the style of cars. With WaRides I can pick the style and type of car I want and it's different for every trip. I love how WaRides makes me look!

Debra D- WaRides Platinum Member

Thanks WaRides for letting my family and I feel like super stares! Having our own car and driver made us feel special and allowed us to enjoy our stay even more than usual. We never worried about when or if we had a good clean safe ride around town.

Stan W - WaRides Customer


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